Bernie Ecclestone: I practically do not communicate with the new leadership of F1

Берни Экклстоун: Я практически не общаюсь с новым руководством Ф1

Former Executive Director of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone told about how limited his work as Chairman Emeritus.

In Bahrain 86-year-old Briton returned to the paddock of the “Royal races” for the first time after the removal as head of F1 at the beginning of January. His duties, as you know, divided between chase Carey, Sean Bratches and Ross brown, and, as admitted by Bernie, with the new leadership he absolutely does not interact.

“I never met Sean, is quoted by AUTOSPORT. Ross looked to me for 10-15 minutes about a week ago.

With chase we talked this morning. He asked me to help with some issues that I did. If they come to me for help, I help.”

After his ouster Ecclestone has repeatedly said that he envied his changer Cary, which has more freedom of action, whereas he always tried to act in the interests of the holder of the controlling stake to CVC Capital Partners.

“This is not the case when you need investments – continued Bernie. The idea is to save built in previous years and on top of that add the fact that I didn’t, because social networks did not earn.

They’re going to spend a lot of money for such things. It is good for Liberty, but it would be bad for CVC”.

Despite the fact that Ecclestone actually departed from Affairs in Formula 1, he admits that he is still a lot.

“I was in the office the same time as before, if not more, he said. – A feeling that messages on electronic mail became more. Many people seek help, and I try to help them.”

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