Alain Prost: Engines should be more powerful, easier and cheaper!

Ален Прост: Двигатели должны быть мощнее, проще и дешевле!

Four-time world champion and Renault Ambassador Alain Prost was left impressed with the new cars of F1, but believes that the need to continue attempts to make Formula 1 more exciting.

To start Simple I would like to introduce more powerful engines, reminding fans of those times, when behind McLaren Frenchman was 1400 horsepower.

“We need to change something, and primarily to add capacity, said Simple in an interview with Autocar. – The engine is to simplify, cheapen, but to leave all electronic systems. When I get behind the wheel of a car with a turbocharged engine [1980s], you just don’t understand how I was able to manage them. His feet were in front of the axle, and the track does not meet any safety standards – it was crazy.

These cars were impossible to steer. I recently drove my car of 1983 [Renault RE40], even could not remember their actions while driving. In the head from the astonishment was only one thought: how will I ever manage them?”

Easy would also like to get rid of artificial methods to increase the number of overtaking manoeuvres, such as Drs.

“In Motorsport you need to avoid artificial, added Allen. – Such things don’t work here. Honestly, I don’t like overtaking with DRS. The audience also know that it is simple and has no relation to the complex maneuvers”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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