François Ribeiro: 26 places in the world Cup WTCR? The most important quality, not quantity

Франсуа Рибейро: 26 мест в Кубке мира WTCR? Главное качество, а не количество

Chapter Eurosport Events Francois Ribeiro said about why it was decided to limit the starting grid in the new series of WTCR to 26 seats.

Even before the official confirmation regarding the Association of World Touring and International TCR series some pilots admired the prospect of 30 equal to the speed of the cars in the peloton. Given that the German series TCR was even 40 cars on the grid, a limit of 26 places caused some surprise.

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“For us the important thing is quality, not quantity, said Ribeiro, in an interview TouringCar Times. Sometimes at the start of the world series, TCR had a lot of cars that led to accidents, red flags and questions about the qualifications of the participants. In our opinion, WTCR is not necessary. It is better to do strong participants for the next two years, and not to put in the series all in a row.

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If in 2018, all 26 places on the starting grid will be filled, then this will already be quite enough.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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