The participants supported the WTCC race stop in Ningbo

Участники WTCC поддержали остановку главной гонки в Нинбо

The participants of the World Touring upheld the decision of the race Directorate, abolishing the main check-in in Ningbo.

As in the opening race of from-for difficult weather conditions, the start was given behind the safety car. The peloton rode four laps, after which it was announced that the race is stopped, drivers will receive half points.

The main race of Ningbo interrupted, Nestor Girolami declared the winner

“I was deployed even behind the safety car. Trying to slow down, I just lost control, – quotes racer RC Lada Yann of Elahera edition TouringCarTimes. – It was the right decision, because until the race in Japan just weeks. The teams would not have time to repair the machines in case of accidents”.

Racer Sébastien Loeb Racing’s Mehdi Bennani added: “It’s the right decision. We don’t have to race in those conditions.”

Honda pilot Norbert Michelis admitted that personally he would like to continue the race, but he understands why the race management has made this decision.

“In my opinion, with the exception of large amounts of water on the main straight, serious problems was not, – said the Hungarian. But I respect the opinions of others. Everyone with whom I spoke, supported the decision.”

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