Yann Erlacher: next time you want to win, finishing first

Янн Эрлахер: В следующий раз хочу выиграть, финишировав первым

The debutant of the world Touring Yann Erlacher, acting on the private car Lada Vesta team RC Motorsport, commented on the incident between him and Tom Chilton in the opening race in Argentina.

On the first lap after the start between the French and the British occurred the contact, allowing the racer Sebastien Loeb Racing to take the lead, but three laps before the finish, the stewards punished him with a five-second penalty. As a result, Erlacher, who saw the chequered flag in second, won the first victory in the WTCC.

“In the two previous turns I went ahead and braking it just hit me in the back of the machine, – quotes the AUTOSPORT Erlacher. In my opinion, a five-second penalty was too harsh a solution, but nothing helped. Contacts occur regularly, but when my race engineer told about the fine for the Volume, I was delighted.

Next time I want to win, finishing first.”

Sam Chilton, commenting on the incident, said that Urlacher blocked it on the apex.

“The problem was that Yann too sharply slowed down on the brake, and I just had nowhere to go, so there was a collision, – said the Briton. – I had no malicious intent to knock him off the track or something like that. So fine in five seconds was very harsh.

Due to the yellow flags I could not put it down. In the future, I attacked, but played only half a second instead of five and finished fourth, what was very upset.”

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