Yvan Muller: Teams are to blame for the problems with tires on Nordschleife

Иван Мюллер: Команды сами виноваты в проблемах с шинами на Нордшляйфе

Four-time WTCC champion Yvan Muller believes that in a series of tire puncture during the stage and on the Nordschleife blame the teams themselves, not the official supplier of Yokohama.

After a disastrous race weekend at the German track, the overall leader Tiago Monteiro was accused of Yokohama in a dangerous situation, and the 2012 champion Rob Huff called this situation unacceptable.

“When this happens, the first thing you do is blame the tire manufacturers, – quotes AUTOSPORT Muller. But I think it’s too easy, especially given that some teams over the whole weekend there was not a single puncture.

All know very well that the Nordschleife is a very challenging and demanding track for tyres.

Even if tomorrow will provide more Yokohama hard compound tyres, the teams and drivers will still play with the limit to achieve maximum efficiency.

In addition, the current tire is much stiffer than last year’s.

It’s always difficult to find a compromise between security and efficiency, so you have to act on the limit.

The team just needs to follow clear instructions in Yokohama on the tire pressure and the angle of camber on such challenging tracks as the Nordschleife.

I know whereof I speak, because in years past he was among those who criticized the bus when problems arise. But we also played with a limit, because every tenth of a second.

Is it possible to make more durable tyres? I’m not sure. But when teams focus primarily on the potential of their machines, it may help solve the problem.”

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