Tom Coronel: Overload at the time of the accident amounted to 25G

Том Коронель: Перегрузка в момент аварии составила 25G

Racer world Touring Tom Coronel told about the accident, which hit last Saturday during a workout on the street circuit of Vila real in Portugal.

The Dutchman went off the road in a place where there was no security barrier, and crashed into the car of rescuers on duty near the track.

“With the car, something happened because I could not even slow down, – quotes AUTOSPORT Coronel. – I flew across the grass, hit the curb and crashed into the ambulance.

The impact was very serious. As found by the team, broke five bolts on the left front wheel.

I’m glad that this place was the rescue truck, and not a concrete wall, because then the shot would be even stronger.

All safety systems worked properly. According to the FIA, overload at the moment of collision made 25G”.

The Dutchman missed the remainder of the weekend due to damage to the machine, the repair of which will be held at the Campos Racing, which, like ROAL, speaks at the Chevrolet.

“The motor was shifted, the front suspension is fully collapsed, the body and chassis was severely damaged. The car looked just awful – continued Coronel. Machine will be sent to Barcelona, where it will be repaired. Do Campos has all the necessary parts. Two of their staff will help us to meet the deadline.

Next Tuesday the car should be delivered to Frankfurt, where it will be sent to Argentina, where will be the next stage.

A lot of work ahead, but the team assured me that everything will be fine”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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