RC Motorsport will put a third of Lada Vesta on stage in Portugal

RC Motorsport выставит третью Lada Vesta на этапе в Португалии

French team RC Motorsport will put a third on the Lada Vesta WTCC stage in Portugal on the Vila real circuit, where driving Russian cars will deliver local pilot Manuel Fernandes.

In anticipation of the beginning of season 2017, the French team has acquired Vesta automobiles, used factory Russian team Lada Sport until she decided to leave the WTCC at the end of last year.

The campaign-2017 RC Motorsport entered two cars: one car, starting with the first stage in Marrakesh, competing the nephew of four-time WTCC champion Yvan Muller following Erlacher, and in the second race at Monza the team was present and American Kevin Gleason.

As for the 41-year-old series debutant of Fernandes, this will be a one-time appearance for him in the WTCC.

“Two years ago I missed the opportunity to perform on their home track, the quoted Manuel AUTOSPORT.com. – However, I also knew that if one day I will have another such opportunity, I never miss.

I will prepare for the competition only during the race weekend. On the other hand, this is my city and I know the track. Besides, I’m not going to feel the pressure, as it is not my goal to produce a specific result.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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