Lopez and Muller called for the introduction of Joker laps in the WTCC

Лопес и Мюллер высказались за внедрение джокер-кругов в WTCC

Jose Maria Lopez and Yvan Muller support the idea of introducing the Joker-laps in the WTCC on urban roads, according to AUTOSPORT.com.

At a meeting of the world Council of Motorsport in Vienna in November, it was proposed to use in the WTCC Joker-circles, as in the WRX.

Now the question considered by the security Commission of the FIA, however, the final confirmation of the innovation should occur by the beginning of next season. Thus on urban routes in Marrakech and Vila Real will be more Joker-loop.

Lopez, who took his third title in the WTCC behind the wheel of a Citroen in 2016 and then switched to Formula E, admitted that the proposed new format will help to make the race more entertaining “the Fans want to see more fighting on the track and fun races, that’s all. We have to test changes to understand if they like the fans and producers.

Motorsport needs to evolve and attract new fans.”

Completed his career, Muller also supported a possible innovation, adding that the latest WTCC was a success: “Here the same as with MAC3 [time trial presented in 2016] — then thought this is crazy, but it was something new.

When françois Ribeiro [promoter of the WTCC] talked about it two or three years ago, many thought he was literally crazy, so after three years we may, it will seem completely normal.

We need to introduce into the Motorsport something new, so the Joker-circles can be a good idea.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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