The concentration of “AVTOVAZ” in the Russian touring is a signal to other brands

Концентрация "АвтоВАЗ" на российском туринге – это сигнал другим брэндам

At the last Russian Motorsport Forum head of marketing of AVTOVAZ Alexander Bredikhin in an exclusive interview told why the company decided to focus on Russian Motorsport, closing the program in the WTCC after a very successful season for the team Lada Sport in the World turinge.

“The RTCS will be suitable according to philosophy, we see in this series, the way of development, – said Alexander. – We win in the Touring class light cars Lada Kalina and will win yet, but we want more. We want to provoke others for the creation of competition in the Russian championship, to convey to them that this is a great place to promote car sales.

What is the benefit for us? We are not interested to compete with themselves. We are interested to with us chasing cars from other manufacturers. Though not direct competitors on the market. Besides, almost all brands included in the top 10 in sales in Russia, have their own racing programs abroad – so they can bring to our racing something new.

We are pleased that the interest in motor sport in our country is growing, there appear a strong team, and is not an instantaneous phenomenon, but a long-term perspective”.

To the question about what will happen with the team and WTCC cars, Alexander said: “the fact is that the team WTCC was abroad, so all the professional and technical base will move to Russia, becoming the basis for the command of the RTCS. To engage in the construction of the new car will be our sister company Lada Sport – she has a lot of experience in this business, I’m sure they can solve this project.

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Cars the WTCC will be back in Russia, as it is our cars. A decision on their further destiny will be decided separately, as they do not meet the requirements of major Russian competitions and they can not participate in the race. But the experience acquired will definitely be used when creating a machine to RTCS.

The car is just the tip of the iceberg, he does not live separately. It need to repair, maintain, replace certain components and assemblies, so it is unlikely that someone from the private traders are interested in them, as their service without Lada Sport unlikely.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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