The rally of Turkey will replace the rally of Poland in 2018

Ралли Турция заменит Ралли Польша в 2018-м

Due to security breaches Rally Poland will leave the world rally championship in the season of 2018, replaced by the stage in Turkey.

In 2016, the FIA has already warned Poland of the so-called “yellow card”.

At a meeting of the world Council of Motorsport next month will officially announce the replacement.

WRC promoter Oliver Cislo commented in an interview with AUTOSPORT: “We regret that we lose such an important market as Poland, which has witnessed significant development over the last couple of years, but the FIA had to cancel her rally next year because of security reasons.

I want to emphasize that this is not a consequence of the irresponsibility of the organizers, and the unruly behaviour of spectators”.

As suggested in AUTOSPORT, Poland replaces Turkey, where the last stage of the world rally was held in 2010. the rally of Turkey, however, should take place in September and not in June as in Poland.

In the calendar the following year, the first six stages will be the same as this year. They are now talking about the 14th stage, which can take as Croatia and New Zealand. However, as said Cisla in New Zealand on the agenda is the financial issue of the event, so it is unlikely that the WRC will come back. As for Croatia, the organisers are unable to come to a common opinion concerning the date of the event.

Ралли Турция заменит Ралли Польша в 2018-м

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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