Sebastien Loeb is not against to retest Citroen

Себастьен Лёб не против еще раз протестировать автомобиль Citroen

Sebastien Loeb to test last week the car Citroen C3 WRC, admitted that he would love to do this for the team.

Sebastien Loeb has tested a Citroen C3 on asphalt

Loeb tested C3 in the French region of Alsace on wet and then dries the asphalt and drove the 321 kilometer in combat mode.

“Go for miles on tests is not so fun, but I liked the open features of the car, at the wheel which sat 15 years – said Loeb in an interview with L’equipe. I’m going to do tests all year round, but why don’t I do them from time to time?”

Video: Sebastien Loeb tests the Citroen C3 WRC

Loeb added that did not lose any of his speed in 2015: “I felt that nothing has changed and I’m still fast. However, on the tests I needed to find potential new cars, and I have to admit, I did not expect such a difference in speed in the turns on a dry track”.

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