Sebastien Ogier about the crash: I was powerless in that situation

Себастьен Ожье об аварии: Я был бессилен в той ситуации

Sebastien Ogier admitted that he failed to prevent the accident on the tests for M-Sport in the run-up to Rally Finland.

Sebastien Ogier crashed the car M-Sport on the tests

The reigning world champion was involved in a serious incident, hitting a stone which he previously dragged onto the track.

“Last week I was caught in a severe accident, however the car is still at a high level, – said Ogier in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – It is better to avoid such incidents, but then I couldn’t do anything.

On the road was the stone that broke my steering or suspension – in General, I couldn’t turn the car and flew straight into the trees.

It was scary, but my confidence has not suffered.”

In the M-Sport really want to continue the cooperation with Sebastien Ogier

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