The FIA banned the private tests in the WRC after the precedent with Mads Ostberg

FIA запретила частные тесты в WRC после прецедента с Мадсом Остбергом

The international automobile Federation (FIA) closed down a loophole in the regulations of the WRC, allowing private teams to conduct tests of vehicles outside of Europe with the participation of pilots associated with manufacturers.

Many teams have started to complain to the FIA after Mads Ostberg ran tests with Onebet WRT Jipocar Ford Fiesta WRC in Argentina in anticipation of this rally.

Despite the fact that, in fact, Ostberg brings its factory team points in the standings manufacturers, and therefore the de facto owner, he is the product of M-Sport. And manufacturers, in turn, allowed to test outside Europe.

Thus the FIA have closed the loophole test in the sports regulations of the WRC.

“I don’t understand this decision, – said a frustrated Ostberg in an interview – The funny thing is that this rule for 15 years, but change they decided only now.

I was deprived of a single privilege. What I expected now from the factory team? This is ridiculous”.

An anonymous source from the FIA said that the Federation had received complaints from several manufacturers, explaining: “What can prevent, for example, Citroen to make a deal with a local pilot from Australia?

We can assume that PH Sport [client a leading Citroen team] will hold a week-long tests, and then give information about the test factory team. There is a great risk that this will happen everywhere. That’s why we decided to change the rules.”

Team Ostberg also said that the tests in Argentina was not present at any one engineer or mechanics from the factory team M-Sport.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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