Sebastien Ogier may be excluded from the record Rally Mexico

Себастьен Ожье может быть исключен из протокола Ралли Мексика

Racer M-Sport sébastien Ogier after investigation, the FIA about its transmission can be excluded from the final results of the Rally Mexico.

The Frenchman took the second place on Rally Mexico, however, after technical check, a question was raised about the transmission, which, as found in AUTOSPORT, was too easy.

Despite the fact that the final results of the rally were approved, a footnote in the document reads: “the FIA should conduct further checks of the gearbox on the car at number one”.

The FIA confirmed to AUTOSPORT edition that gearbox was sealed and taken to Geneva where technical inspector FIA Jerome Current will conduct all tests.

None of the representatives of the M-Sport has not commented on the situation.

After testing the Current report the results to the stewards of Rally Mexico, which will then make the final decision.

One of the sources told AUTOSPORT that Jerome can check the other transmission. If it turns out that M-Sport has really violated the rules, the team can expect anything from fines to seconds to exclusion from the Protocol.

If Ogier really be excluded from the results of the rally, he will relinquish the lead in the championship to the Toyota driver Jari-Matti Latvala and rolled to third place behind his teammate Ott Tanaka.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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