The yoke Mahonen: Rally Sweden should be more snow

Ярмо Махонен: На Ралли Швеция должно быть больше снега

FIA rally Director Jarmo Mahonen urged the organizers of the Rally Sweden to search for areas with good snow cover to secure the future of the only full-fledged winter stage in the WRC calendar.

In 2016, the absence of snow and ice were canceled nine of the special stages, and although the last weekend of problems with the ice coating have arisen, Mahonen was unhappy with the snow.

“This rally must be really snowy, – quotes AUTOSPORT Mahoney. – Another point of view can not be, and we will stand on his position.

Snow was not enough. When on the road large drifts, the organisation of the race is more secure.

Local roads are similar to Finland and Poland, they are very fast, so we need more snow, as snow and ice.”

Mahonen added that in recent years the organizers of the Rally Sweden serious risk with the choice of locations for special stages.

“They were lucky, but now we and the promoters of the WRC made it clear: it’s a snow rally, he continued. – Of course, always great to deal with experienced organizers, but the terms must be related”.

The head of the Rally Sweden Kristina Lundquist said that in the coming months, organizers will consider the possibility of changing the route.

“Recently, the weather everywhere is full of surprises, she said. – There are some places farther North, where there is almost no snow and much warmer. So the question is not in the breadth. It may be wise to look for something in the highlands”.

Also, one of the options, according to Lundquist, it may be the part of the race in neighbouring Norway, where there is usually more snow.

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