FIA vs speed plots on WRC stages

FIA против скоростных участков на этапах WRC

Management of the FIA intends to cancel too special stages of the WRC this season.

In the past at last week’s Rally Sweden was cancelled the repeated passage of a SU Knon where Ott Tanak showed an average speed of 137 km/h.

The FIA intends to introduce regulatory changes to average speed not exceeding 130 km/h.

Racing Director of the FIA rally Jarmo Mahonen in an interview comment on Federation: “Last year’s car on the special stage was at speeds above 130 km/h, what can we say about the current cars that were even faster.

These stages teach us one thing: we need tighter control of new SU and always to be in place for inspections.

We must carefully understand, if the speed of the SU exceeds 130 km/h.

From our point of view, it’s too fast. We may need to revise the regulations.”

Mahonen hoped that other organizers of the WRC will take note of the experience of Sweden.

“The cancellation of the stage, we want to convey to others that they need to carefully consider the route — continued Mahonen. — We want speed was below 130 km/h, but when I was a host, you didn’t want to make the Chicane with the help of bales of straw.

The answer is simple: use narrow and slower road. We all need to go that way.”

The riders reacted negatively to the cancellation of the Swedish SU.

One unnamed rider said: “we can’t intervene first, all first have to test the FIA. The track was straight, safe and boring, when FIA started its review”.

Mahonen confirmed that the FIA will now actively check for new special stages, but organizers have to make more of an effort: “Perhaps, the organizers will have to use the services of experienced riders, who for several years engaged in the rally and don’t know how quick new cars”.

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