Alexey lukyanuk: we had a lot of errors, breakdowns and minor accidents

Алексей Лукьянюк: У нас было много ошибок, поломок и небольших аварий

Alexey lukyanuk commented on the results of the Rally Sweden, which he finished in 29th place in the overall standings after all the trouble that happened with a Russian crew on Friday and Saturday.

The crew of Lukyanyuk and Alexey Arnautova focused on how to best utilize the remaining stages of the resurrection – work the transcript and settings of the vehicle, to drive as many miles in combat mode.

The results of this “training in combat” was not bad – two sixths and a fourth time in the WRC2 standings, sixth place in the individual day.

“We learn, the world championship is a new experience for us, – quotes the Lukyanyuk his official website. – It is clear that every time we find ourselves in new unfamiliar conditions, and at first it’s a little unsettling.

Oddly enough, in the snow we don’t have much experience on gravel races. And was very difficult to find the correct settings – I’m up to the latest SU continued to change something, to catch some balance and get more confidence. I seem to be in the right direction, but did not get where need: tried to attack, but still the days are not very satisfied.

There is more confidence and the car behaves not as good as I would like, so a certain feeling of mild annoyance, of course, present. The level of competition here is much higher and we used the European championship to not go 100%, and with a little “extra” time, more cautious.

I think at this race I had a lot of errors, failures, small accidents. I do not want to prevent new errors, it now holds, to fail to relax in an unknown environment is not very obedient machine. It was a new level and it’s an interesting experience.

Well, almost all the rally distance traveled, but on the first day because of the broken “cardan” were not re-selected SU. Don’t know if we will return here next year, but in any case it is a great experience, something to think about and where to grow.”

Алексей Лукьянюк: У нас было много ошибок, поломок и небольших аварий

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