Alexey lukyanuk: the Purpose of the Rally Sweden – the top-five in WRC2

Алексей Лукьянюк: Цель на Ралли Швеция – попадание в топ-пятерку в WRC2

9-12 February, the crew of Alexey Lukyanyuk and Alexey Arnautova will perform on the second stage of WRC season 2017 in Sweden.

On account of Lukyanyuk there are already two starts in the world championship, and with different navigators, but in WRC2 the crew will start for the first time.

Alexey lukyanuk will speak at the WRC in Sweden

If to speak about the schedule of the competition, on Thursday scheduled the shakedown and the prologue in Karlstad; on Friday, the rally will move to the territory of Norway, which laid much of the fighting race of the day; and Saturday-Sunday race finally return to Sweden.

The entire route has 18 special stages with a total length of 331,74 km.

“I have not ridden in the car class R5 and Aleksey Arnautov – we had a big break after the Cyprus rally, said lukyanuk. – Well, what now in Sweden subzero temperature, as there was very warm when we arrived.

The race will be negative, but snow is still small. The tests we had 200 km to the North of the region of the rally, and there is still winter with good snow parapets at the edges of the road.

Gorgeous cover, perfectly smooth roads on which we drove about 140 miles on the tests. Had to sit twice in the snow when he was experimenting with the limits of tire adhesion, which fell outside of these limits, a bit stuck in the parapets.

In the snow the car drives perfectly, but my old phobia of small angle of the front wheels makes often wince, as, dropping out of the ruts of the rear wheels, get into a deep slide.

The steering wheel has to turn out quite strongly, it rests on the limiter, although, in General, the drifts are not very big, and already a critical situation that does not relax. Would be able to turn the wheels degrees for 20 more, you could go there in peace without fear of breakdowns.

Some stress and tension there is not a Subaru and not a Mitsubishi Evolution that would forgive mistakes. Found good settings, testing different options, although 140 miles is not that much to try and feel confidence.

The race will be difficult – in the region of the rally will not be parapets of snow, ice on the road is thin, and quickly “eats”. The ambitions we have reserved – aim for top 5 in the class, but we need to get to the finish line”.

Алексей Лукьянюк: Цель на Ралли Швеция – попадание в топ-пятерку в WRC2

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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