Jean Todt Rally fans should know the safety rules

Жан Тодт: Раллийные болельщики должны знать правила безопасности

The FIA President Jean Todt, commenting on the tragic incident that occurred at the Rally Monte Carlo, said that the fans have to know the rules of conduct during a visit to the WRC stages.

Passing the first stage, the Hyundai driver Hayden Paddon lost control on a slippery part of the track and hit a fan standing on the sidelines. The victim was taken to the hospital, but doctors were powerless.

“I’m sorry. This could have been avoided, – quotes the Todt AUTOSPORT. – I condole with the family of the victim and apologize from the whole rally community.

I hope this will make people pay more attention to security when they come to see this great show. People need to be educated and to follow the rules. The consequences of a breach can be dire, and it is necessary to understand”.

FIA rally Director Jarmo Mahonen, in turn, refuted the assumption that the cause of the tragedy was a markedly increased speed rally cars in 2017.

“I’ll tell you what I told everyone with whom I work in FIA: calm down, we need to investigate, and already then to do conclusions, – said Mahonen. – Of course, a new generation of vehicles is much faster than the previous one. It may be a situation that people who are not directly related to our sport, will complain at high speed. But this tragedy has nothing to do with the new regulations. The same thing would have happened with the [slower] cars group N”.

One of the fans who were near the scene of the accident, told AUTOSPORT: “the Ambulance arrived after 20-25 minutes, the helicopter arrived five minutes later. The place where the man was standing was not marked as a restricted area. Also a lot of people were in another part of the track looked dangerous.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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