The Executive Director of the WEC: We could not come to terms with the absence of Alonso in Fuji

Исполнительный директор WEC: Мы не могли смириться с отсутствием Алонсо в Фудзи

The Executive Director of the WEC, Gerard Neveu explained the decision of the organizers of the world championship to move a six-hour marathon in Fuji with 21 on October 14th for the participation of Fernando Alonso.

Originally a Japanese stage was crossed with the United States Grand Prix, which the Spaniard could not perform and would lose chances for title, because the glasses would have earned only his fellow crew Toyota Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima.

Jenson button In WEC took into account the interests of Alonso, but forget about the other racers

“First and foremost we took into account the interests of the championship, – quotes the edition of Neva SportCar365. To draw such a driver as Fernando Alonso, and accept the fact that the WEC will go for the race in Japan without him? For local fans, Toyota and the whole championship, his participation is a great honor. Alonso will fight for the title and can’t miss a single step.

We understand that the postponement of the race will lead to problems for other pilots, but I’d like to hope that the leadership of IMSA you will find the possibility to postpone the date for its stage, as did we. It is clear that it is not easy, but we will try to find a joint solution. We informed them a week before the official statement, and they understood us, because they understand how much attention the stage can attract a racer”.

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