Nelsinho Piquet Alonso could well win at Le Mans

Нельсиньо Пике: Алонсо вполне способен выиграть в Ле-Мане

Former teammate Fernando Alonso, Nelsinho Peak believes that the Spaniard is quite capable to win the daily marathon in Le Mans.

Last year Alonso was close to victory in the transatlantic race the Indy 500, and this season will try their hand on the ring Sarta.

“Alonso has a very strong character and he always wants to get whatever share he doesn’t like – said Nelsinho, with whom the Spaniard shared a single garage in F1 ten years ago, in an interview with Spanish Marca. – Sometimes the greatest racers should behave this way, and he is the greatest.

He was a champion in F1 over a decade ago, but remains one of the best pilots on the grid. He would win Le Mans.

I respect his desire to play in Indy, Daytona, Le Mans. He does it not for fame but out of a desire to compete.

But he is also very smart. He constantly changes the design of the helmet between races in order to sell more copies”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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