Roman Rusinov Race turned into a lottery

Роман Русинов: Гонка превратилась в лотерею

Despite the extreme weather conditions, which last weekend hosted the Japanese round of the world endurance race “6 hours of Fuji”, the crew of the Russian team G-Drive Racing managed to get to the finish line and earn points.

Due to heavy rain and fog marathon in Fuji twice interrupted red flags, five times on the track appeared car security, and even once introduced the mode yellow flags with the speed limit. In the end the full distance of the participants to overcome and failed – due to fog-in was completed after four and a half hours.

In such circumstances the main task of G-Drive Racing was to avoid mistakes and reach the finish line. With this crew of Roman Rusinov, Pierre James Tire and Moreover managed. Starting the fight from the sixth position, it is the pilots of the Russian team and was on the point of early stop of the race.

Double victory Toyota in the shortened race “6 hours of Fuji”

“The race turned into a lottery, said Rusinov. – We had a good rhythm, we were able to capture the lead, but the constant appearance on the track safety car has completely confused all the cards on the strategy of refueling.

So, during the last pit stop we filled the tank full, and if the race continued in the safety car a few more laps, then the rest would have to come in the boxes – and then we returned to the first position and won.

But in the end the race was stopped early, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Once again, we were just unlucky. But encouraged by the speed that we were able to demonstrate in the course of such truly extreme conditions.”

After seven races of the world championship WEC G-Drive Racing takes the fifth place in the overall standings. Next, the penultimate race of the season-2017 will be held on November 5 in Shanghai.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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