Damage to the aerodynamic cost of Toyota’s chances to win at the Nurburgring

Повреждения аэродинамики стоили Toyota шансов на победу в Нюрбургринге

Representatives of Toyota team noted that the damage to the aerodynamics did not allow the crew No. 7 Kobayashi, Conway and Lopez to fight for the victory in the race “6 hours of Nurburgring”.

The owner of the pole Kamui Kobayashi was in the lead early in the race, but then his partner on the crew of the Jose Maria Lopez lost the first place after two crew Porsche in the first place due to the degradation of tires.

But in the last two hours, the Toyota TS050 started to give the crew the Porsche in speed, behind them at the end of the race more than a minute. As it became known after the race, the loss rate has been associated with damage to the machine.

“Starting from pole position the crew was in the lead early in the race, but the car lost speed in the middle of the marathon that did not allow them to compete with Porsche, said in an official statement of the team.

During the race there was a problem with the displacement of the aerodynamic balance. After the race on the prototype No. 7 were found to have significant underbody damage and a hole in the rear wing, which led to cracking of the core plate.”

The team believes that the bottom was damaged when attacking curbs, and the rear wing was damaged by debris from other machines.

At the nursing crew of the No. 8 similar problems have arisen, but they finished only in fourth place five laps because of a broken fuel pump during the warm-up lap.

Old problems Porsche

Porsche, in turn, arose the old problems with the degradation of aerodynamics, that did not stop them to do double. In the offseason they tried to solve them by changing the configuration of the bow, but dealing with them on the kit with a high clamping force failed.

“Today we have several times had problems with the fact that worms from rubber hammered in the elements of aeroobika, said team Manager Andreas Seidl. – It negatively affected the speed of our machines, until we have purified the elements of aerodynami during pit stops. Because of this, we changed several times of the machine places”.

After the Nurburgring, Toyota 39,5 points inferior to the Porsche in the manufacturers standings, and the crew of Davidson, Nakajima and Buemi loses by 30 points to the crew of the winners of Le Mans in the individual competition in five stages until the end of the season.

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