Toyota and Le Mans: a Sad love story

Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

Toyota once again failed in the famous race “24 hours of Le Mans” this year – all three of the crew faced with such overwhelming challenges that elementary lost chances for the podium or even gone.

Porsche won the “24 hours of Le Mans” in the battle with rivals from LMP2

Little solace for the Japanese manufacturer can only be that it didn’t happen six minutes before the finish like last year.

For Toyota this is not the first and not even second fiasco at Le Mans, which suggests that the right was Anthony Davidson when he said that he feared the “curse” of Toyota in this race.

We offer you to remember when Toyota still so incredibly unlucky in Le Mans:

1994 – transmission:
Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

From 1985 to 1993 Toyota once miss Le Mans as a factory team, but only in 1994, and even the efforts of the private teams, the Japanese car was close to victory.

Machine 94CV was in the hands of Japanese team SARD, and the crew was Eddie Irvine, Mauro Martini and Jeff Krosnoff.

90 minutes to finish the gear kicked the bucket, although Krasnoff was able to quickly carry out some refurbishment work to return the car to the pits, but in the end the victory went into the hands of the Dauer 962 Porsche, and wards of the Toyota remained second with a delay of one round.

In 1998 and again gearbox…
Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

New Toyota GT-One was developed in the same factory in Cologne, and the current TS050. First, after leaving Mercedes in the race in 1998, the leadership was seized by the crew at number 28, but the failure of the gearbox was deprived of the chance of this crew in the first place.

Then other Japanese crews also faced problems, this time with the transmission. But the crew at number 29 under the management of Thierry Boutsen, Ralph Kelleners and Jeff Fox still came out ahead at the end of the race, but for 80 minutes to finish failure of the transmission put an end to the race. The first two lines took the crews Porsche.

1999 – this time the bus!
Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

In that year, all were put on the victory Toyota, but first, Martin Brundle crashed his car, then not withstood the bus from Thierry Boutsen and he went to Dunlop. Used BMW, but today the balance of power has also changed. One crew BMW came down, and the other obviously could be under attack by a fast Toyota… if not for a blown-out tire on the car Yukio Katayama.

Again second place, but this time the triumph was celebrated by BMW, not Porsche.

2014 – fire!
Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

In 2012, Toyota returned to Le Mans that year was memorable for the accidents. A year later, their cars turned competitive, although they finished second, but in 2014 in the fight for first place again involved the Japanese.

Toyota was a small but stable advantage over Audi in the night period of the race, but in the morning, Kazuki Nakajima was stuck on the highway while driving to the pits due to an activated sensor in the end, the racer couldn’t drive to the destination, and ignition wiring for circuit happened on the track.

And in the end the victory went to Audi.

2016 – a heartbreaking disappointment last minutes of the race
Toyota и Ле-Ман: Грустная история любви

Toyota TS050 HYBRID, driven by Sebastien Buemi, Anthony Davidson and Kazuki Nakajima, raced to his first victory at Le Mans, overcoming difficulties at the start and demonstrated great reliability. To a certain point.

Six minutes before the end of the race Nakajima suddenly lost engine power directly into the Mulsanne straight. Broke down design connecting the turbocharger and the cooling system.

The result: a second place at the finish, but even that did not help the crew to be classified – the last lap Nakajima drove slower than six-minute limit.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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