Roman Rusinov Risk when overtaking circular was no more than usual

Роман Русинов: Риска при обгоне кругового было не больше, чем обычно

Racer G-Drive Racing Roman Rusinov has summarized disappointing for himself and his teammates race in Le Mans, held last weekend.

The Russian team started a daily marathon in the status of the main favorite in the LMP2 class. The results of the qualifying heats crew of 26 consisting Rusinova, Alex Lynn and Pierre Tire won the pole position. However, the failure began to haunt the G-Drive Racing from the very first meters of the race.

The race started Rusyns. At the start of the motor prototype Oreca-Gibson under the control of the Russian pilots suddenly lost power, causing the Roman lost a number of positions. After the situation returned to normal, he began to regain the place. But before the first scheduled refueling the car Rusinova was damaged fairing, which the mechanics during the pit stop had to be replaced.

Back on the road, the driver G-Drive Racing again rushed in pursuit of the rivals. However, at the end of the first hour of the race trying to catch up Rusyns faced lagged a circle with a Porsche GT. As a result, the car of the Russian team were seriously damaged, and although the pilot managed to get to the boxes, cracked monocoque dashed all hopes to get back on track.

Roman Rusinov and G-Drive Racing received a serious penalty for the accident at Le Mans

“At the start of the engine left in so called safe mode, losing all power. Everything returned to normal only after 50-60 seconds. After that the race went well, I had a good pace, which allowed to regain positions. But in the lap of the Porsche I caught up with the pie machine GT, the pilot of which, I thought, was to open the path, but then closed it and there was a collision, – quotes the press Rusinov-G-Drive Racing. – I can’t say that I unnecessarily risked. When overtaking pie is always present a certain risk, but in this episode it was no more than usual. We were just unlucky.

This failure once again demonstrated how “Le Mans” is a challenging and unpredictable race. Even if you have the best car and team, it could end in the blink of an eye”.

Roman Rusinov and G-Drive Racing received a serious penalty for the accident at Le Mans

For the second crew of G-Drive Racing race also went wrong from the very beginning. Already during the first hour trio, memo Rojas, Rio Hirakawa and Jose Gutierrez lost a lot of time for a transmission repair. And in the morning their car had an accident – for elimination again took a lot of time. However, the crew of the #22 made it to the finish, taking 20th place in the LMP2 class.

After three rounds of the world championship on races on endurance G-Drive Racing holds the fourth position in the overall standings.

The next stage will take place on 16 July in the German track of Nurburgring.

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