Riders unhappy with the latest changes on the track in Le Mans

Гонщики недовольны последними изменениями на трассе в Ле-Мане

After tests at Le Mans on Sunday, some riders expressed concern that the ring Sorta loses its unique character.

This year the organizers expanded the relegation zone in the lap of the Porsche. The decision provoked a mixed reaction, although there is little doubt that this will benefit safety.

“I guess there really is safer, but if the trend continues, the track will be like a Parking lot, – quotes AUTOSPORT Andre lotterer. – Lap Porsche has always been one of the most iconic places in Le Mans, and now this site has become less interesting. I think you need to be careful when you try to change something”.

The Corvette driver Jan Magnussen, two years ago who missed “24 hours of Le Mans” because of the accident in conjunction Porsche in qualifying, added: “I don’t always support moving walls and protective barriers further from the track. There is a risk that the track will be similar to the standard Formula 1 circuit and any pilot out there can drive fast.”

Sports Director of the automobile club Vincent Belmesnil explained that the expansion of the departure areas was due to the intention to retain the character of the track in Le Mans.

“Turns Porsche is one of the most famous sections of the route, where the speed reaches 250 km/h. At the same time there is a wall, he said. – It would be possible to install barriers, but it is not for us. We want to preserve the characters of high-speed track at Le Mans, and this is a good compromise.”

Гонщики недовольны последними изменениями на трассе в Ле-Мане
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According to Belmesnil, changes in bends the Porsche was produced in such a way that the angle the car hit the wall was lower.

The wall was pushed back and there was a wide asphalt area of departure. It is not excluded that now many will try to clip the corner Corvette. However, the sporting Director of the ACO assured that this will not happen, given the degree of bend. In addition, on the tests was the testing of a new system for the identification of boundaries of the track.

Гонщики недовольны последними изменениями на трассе в Ле-Мане
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