Mark Webber: We have to keep fast and beautiful cars LMP1

Марк Уэббер: Мы должны сохранить быстрые и красивые машины LMP1

The preservation of LMP1 in the vanguard of the “24 hours of Le Mans” was extremely important for the future of the world championship on races on endurance, so says the ex-pilot of the Porsche mark Webber.

The future of the main class of the WEC became one of the main topics for discussion after leaving Audi in late 2016.

In season 2017 to start in LMP1 came just five cars. A third application of Toyota in the daily marathon in Le Mans, which takes place on June 17-18, there will be six cars, while in LMP2 – 25, and in the GTE classes – 29.

“24 hours Le-Mana” is still a startling event in the world of Motorsport, – quotes Webber AUTOSPORT. – Of course, it would be great to see 20 cars in LMP1, but is it possible? No.

However, we have five beautiful cars, that only is the Porsche 919. These cars must be found. So we have to keep these powerful attractive car.”

According to Webber, even with two producers of the intrigue in “Le Mans” will be higher than in the years of the dominance of Audi.

“In the end, in past years, sometimes it was not a competition at all, because it was dominated by one producer, and this brand of car was leaving from all far ahead – continued mark. Now no one can say who will win “Le Mans” this year. Two producers are fighting among themselves, and it’s great. But I hope that in the future there will be new LMP1 factory team.”

In 2018, will debut in just three LMP1 private team SMP Racing, Ginetta Cars and Perrinn.

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