Vitaly Petrov about the prologue: Sharing on all one prototype is quite difficult

Виталий Петров о прологе: Делить на всех один прототип довольно непросто

The SMP Racing programme pilot, Vitaly Petrov took part in the traditional Prolog world championship on races on endurance WEC, which showed the best overall time among teammates Manor.

Racers Manor this season are in the WEC on two machines, however, the tests were represented by only one prototype, which the Russians will ride this season, all nine stages.

During the races the car in the total traveled more than thousand kilometers. At the end of two days the best overall time among the pilots of the Manor showed Petrov: 1:36.590 – sixth among all drivers LMP2.

Toyota completed the prologue in Monza on the first two lines

“In these two days we had not only to test every possible setting, but, in fact, get used to the car, accustom it to us and try to preserve it, – said Petrov. – Not everyone is as lucky in the rain session and for the first time Alpina [Alpine] races ceased in the mode of a red flag early.

Share on all one prototype was difficult because each of the pilots in the result, spends less time behind the wheel. On the other hand, we had a dual set of tires, and each of us has made a significant contribution to the setting. I am very happy with the team and machine, and look forward to the start of the season at Silverstone, feel full readiness.”

The first race of WEC season-2017 will be held April 16 at Silverstone.

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