Toyota could leave LMP1 in the event of a change of the rules

Toyota может покинуть LMP1 в случае смены регламента

Manual Toyota admitted that is unlikely to continue to participate in the world championship on races on endurance WEC if the bosses decide to abandon new technologies and return the old regulations.

Technical Director Toyota Motorsport GmbH Pascal Vasselon explained in an interview with AUTOSPORT, why it is unacceptable for the Japanese manufacturer: “the Main reason why Toyota is involved in WEC, is the ability to develop new technologies, especially in hybrid motors, so a step back is totally unacceptable.

Our program makes sense only through the development of hybrid technology.”

Pascal Vasselon: the Third car from Toyota in Le Mans is a financial risk

Vasselon added that the program Toyota in the WEC is not yet nearing completion, although officially it is confirmed only until the end of 2017.

Regulations of the WEC have been frozen until the end of 2019 immediately after leaving the Audi from the championship last October.

The FIA and the WEC promoter the automobile club (ACO) in the process of discussing possible new regulations came to the conclusion that to bring a championship to new manufacturers, they need to reduce costs commands.

Manual Peugeot also expressed a desire to return to the main category of the WEC subject to scormeny costs.

Vasselon added that the task of participating in decision-making working groups, which include Toyota and Porsche, is to find solutions able to satisfy everyone and to increase competition.

This might initiate a revision of the “Application” that defines the equivalent technology for hybrid cars of different classes acting on different fuel.

New rules allowing for the emergence of a third embodiment of the hybrid system, as well as the new datetimecontrol class should enter into force in 2018.

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