Porsche LMP1 did not disclose details of its aerodynamic package 2017

Porsche LMP1 не раскрывает детали своего аэродинамического пакета 2017 года

In the camp the German manufacturer Porsche is not going to tell which of two aerodynamic packages are allowed in the LMP1 team will use their 919 Hybrid on the debut stage of the season 2017 WEC at Silverstone.

Thus, it is unknown whether the Porsche in the Silverstone package with low drag or aerodynamics, which will provide the prototype with a high level of clamping force.

When the reporter AUTOSPORT.com asked this question to team leader Andreas Sadly, he replied: “I’m not going to tell you about it. You’ll find out at Silverstone”.

Meanwhile, Toyota, which is the main opponent of the German team, confirmed that at Silverstone on TS050 Hybrid package is installed for high level of clamping force.

“Silverstone aerodynamics for Le Mans would be a big mistake, because the package with a low clamping force will be ineffective,” – said the technical Director of Toyota Motorsport GmbH Pascal Vasselon.

The reluctance of Porsche to reveal the card on the first stage of the new season suggests that the German team can concentrate on refining the aerodynamic package on the “24 hours of Le Mans.”

Recall that the specification of each aerodynamic packages will be frozen until the end of the season after undergoing homologation before their first use in a particular race.

Thus, if Toyota will bring in Silverstone aerodynamic package with a high level of clamping force, the Japanese team will not be able to modify it during the season 2017.

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