Zach brown: I would like to see McLaren at Le Mans

Зак Браун: Мне хотелось бы вновь видеть McLaren в Ле-Мане

The new boss of McLaren Zac brown admitted in an interview with that he would like to see McLaren in the number of participants in the famous daily marathon at Le Mans.

The duties of brown as Executive Director of the McLaren Technology Group is to promote the brand.

“We have already won in Le Mans, and on duty, I need to decide which categories will be presented to the brand McLaren, Mr brown said. Now we are just discussing the return to Le Mans, and I’m not the only one who would like to see McLaren”.

The final decision about returning to 24-hour marathon has to be made chief operating officer of McLaren Automotive Mike Flitton.

Brown added that if the brand will return to Le Mans in category GTE, however, the question of the creation of the prototype LMP1 head, too, replied emphatically: “never say Never”.

Зак Браун: Мне хотелось бы вновь видеть McLaren в Ле-Мане

According to brown, in preparation for participation in the program GTE WEC will take several years. It is still unknown who can develop the car, because the obligations can be transferred to McLaren GT — independent, including financial, of the company producing the cars in GT3 and GT4 in 2011.

McLaren GT boss Andrew Kirkcaldy has repeatedly stressed that his company will not be able to do without the support of McLaren in the development of a GTE car.

“Yes, we have already held talks, but I can’t go into details — said Kirkcaldy. — I hope that we will participate in the development”.

In 2012, it was taken the decision to develop a GTE version of the car the MP4/12C GT3, but in the end the program was suspended due to a failed attempt by the FIA and WEC promoter the automobile club to unite the regulations of the GTE and GT3.

The last time McLaren car competed in Le Mans in 1998. the program Itself F1 GTR was completed in 1997, but that did not stop the team’s GTC to introduce two McLaren car, one of which took the fourth place.

Зак Браун: Мне хотелось бы вновь видеть McLaren в Ле-Мане

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