Baja “Russia Northern forest” will open the world Cup for rally-raids

Баха «Россия Северный лес» откроет Кубок мира по ралли-рейдам

February 16-18, in Karelia, the start of the World Cup for rally-raids, which will consist of 11 stages and will be completed in October in Morocco.

Of the competition with a total duration of more than eight days and a distance of over 3,000 kilometers in the calendar year 2018 is not so much: Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Kazakhstan. All other countries are quite compact race on a looped route. Such events like the WRC stages – there is a service Park to return after the special stages and liaisons between special stages is usually minimal. And the total mileage of the race does not exceed 1200 kilometers, the DOP often ride the racers twice.

It is this competition, Bach, opens the season world Cup for rally-raids, 16-18 Feb. The unique format of the race held on the snow-ice surface, sets it apart from the competition of the World Cup. Quite costly preparation process, because winter in Russia begins in December, and trails have compacted and cleaned from snow every week, not even once, and up to the start of the first crews. Such attention is not rewarded, perhaps no track in Morocco or Italy.

Баха «Россия Северный лес» откроет Кубок мира по ралли-рейдам

However, this has its own unique charm, and the pilots from the southern countries, year after year, coming to Russia, noted the singularity of perception, because if you omit the yellow visor helmet, snow immediately “turns” in the sand.

To compete for points in the series at this race are going at least five pilots on the priority list of FIA has already issued applications Vladimir Vasiliev, team G-Energy; the Polish pilot Aaron Domzale – last year’s winner of the Baja “Russia – Northern forest”; only returned from the marathon “Dakar” the famous Czech rally driver Martin Prokop and his eminent compatriot Miroslav Zapletal; an experienced pilot and engineer Suprotec Racing Boris Gadasin. Accepting applications in full swing, and organizers expect a few star names.

Participants will perform at different sports technique training: race prototype class T1; stock cars, prepared to the class T2; class T3 all-terrain vehicles. The only one will be at the winter race, – a truck, Quad and motorcycles.

Pilots from Qatar, Finland, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Turkmenistan, Romania and France are already preparing their equipment for shipment to Russia, to February 16 to start the first phase of the World Cup for rally-raids.

Баха «Россия Северный лес» откроет Кубок мира по ралли-рейдам

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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