Vladimir Putin met in Kazan with the team “KAMAZ-Master”

Владимир Путин встретился в Казани с командой «КАМАЗ-Мастер»

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with the team “KAMAZ-Master”, returned this week with the rally-marathon “Dakar”, where the team from Naberezhnye Chelny took first and third place in the truck category.

The meeting was held in the framework of the working visit to Kazan. Vladimir Putin once again congratulated all with the victory and exchanged with racers “KAMAZ-Master” handshakes.

Athletes demonstrated to the Russian President a video about how did you prepare for the rally and the race itself. Explanations were given by the head of the team Vladimir Chagin. He, in particular, reported that only half of the crews participating in the rally reached the finish line.

Video: finish “KAMAZ-Master” team in rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”

“Everyone understands what it is that it is work, all watching how you fight, – said Vladimir Putin, referring to the athletes. This unprecedented achievement, differently will not tell. “Dakar” simple does not happen. All who understand what it is all watching, as you fight for supremacy, and with a sinking heart. Besides the fact that it is hard work and dangerous work in the full sense of the word. What you 15 times to win, is just incredible, an incredible achievement and a team achievement.

The long road to the dunes. The results of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”

Of course, the pilots play most probably an important role, but nevertheless, no training equipment, no maintenance, no team work the result would have been. It speaks to the company that produced the technique, and the level of training of the whole team. You all the best. I would like to continue to see your progress. I hope it will be!”

Athletes gave Mr Putin a model of sports “KAMAZ”. In the end, was made General photography.

Владимир Путин встретился в Казани с командой «КАМАЗ-Мастер»

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