Vladimir Chagin on the sixth stage of “Dakar-2018”: it’s like in Russian winter

Владимир Чагин о шестом этапе «Дакара-2018»: Мы словно попали в русскую зиму

The head of KAMAZ-Master Vladimir Chagin commented on the results of the sixth stage of “Dakar-2018” from Arequipa to La Paz, which Dmitry Sotnikov finished fourth, Eduard Nikolaev finished sixth, Ayrat Mardeev – the eighth, and Anton Shibalov – 11-M.

“Dramatically changed the weather. When he rose to a height of more than 4,5 kilometers, we seem caught in a Russian winter. Sprinkled snow, hail, – quotes the official site Chagin KAMAZ-Master. Parties waited for the slippery winding roads and is therefore very dangerous, as the right and left were the cliffs, the canyons.

It was important to survive and adapt to changing conditions, not to lose position. In this day win was difficult – you saw how heap came in the results table participants.

Everyone was waiting for the day of rest, however, he met us with cold weather. But the day was good for us. Not to say that managed some positions correct, but the main thing we lost.

Now began a serious height. Not only for cars is difficult, but for people. There is a lack of oxygen. The athletes can’t breathe. And, of course, engines.

Preparation of the engines to the highlands is very important. Especially in the Bolivian stations. And pleased, of course, that our new inline six-cylinder engine in the car Dmitry Sotnikov’s a good show. We hope that in future days the motor will maintain stable”.

Владимир Чагин о шестом этапе «Дакара-2018»: Мы словно попали в русскую зиму

When Vladimir asked about the team’s plans for the day of rest, he replied: “the Planned large maintenance and repair day. It is necessary to replace parts that may because of its resource to break down in the second half of the race.

It is important to note that the first post-rest day stage La Paz – Uyuni – it is a marathon stage. Therefore, it is necessary to reload the car with all necessary parts, everything is perfect to check. Assistance team will prepare the car for two days, because at the bivouac in Uyuni access to machines they will not. They are from from La Paz leave in Tupis”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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