Sergey Karjakin: in such a strong impact is still easily treated

Сергей Карякин: При таком сильном ударе все еще легко обошлось

Russian rider Sergey Karyakin told about the injuries sustained in the fall at the 44th kilometer of the fifth stage of “Dakar”, after which he had to complete the part, and to resign the current winner in the category of ATVs.

“In fact, we can say that everything was OK. I wore protective gloves that wrap and hold the joint. They have really helped, because everything is limited only by COLLES fracture. With such a strong kick I got off easy, – said Sergei in an interview . – Yesterday, I popped this radius. The joint in the place where it connects with the brush, turned up. It has the right and put in place. Now she got a cast, and I cast. Today is ligation.

BAM, and we’re right in the pit! The results of the dramatic fifth stage of “Dakar-2018”

Slept fine but woke up in the morning from a very severe pain. And not only in the right hand, place it on the left. Left arm hurts as much as the right. Right, of course, got more, but the left is too badly damaged.

Now I’m fine. The food here in the Technicals, unfortunately. Preparing to cross the border with Bolivia. I will tell you all sorts of interesting things about the “Dakar”, because now a rider of me so yourself! I will try a role of a journalist, probably.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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