Ayrat Mardeev: We traditionally start the race pretty carefully

Айрат Мардеев: Мы традиционно начинаем гонку довольно осторожно

The pilot of KAMAZ-Master Ayrat Mardeev shared his impressions of the opening stage of “Dakar-2018”, the results of which he was the eighth.

Nasser al-Attiyah won the first stage of “Dakar-2018”

“In 2013 we already started, so this site is somewhat familiar to us, – told Mardeev. – Rarely over the nine-year history of my “Dakar” had such a difficult start-up stages. It is short, but adventurous it is possible to find.

But we traditionally start the race fairly cautiously. Rarely our crew in the first stage shows the result of the above seventh place.

Also today, there were many traces left by the cars of local spectators, and it is easy to make mistakes and not take the navigation point”.

Anton Shibalov, who became the fifth, added: “It’s not even a prologue, and a full speed trial, which the organizers usually make either the second half or towards the middle of the race when the crews have time to “roll” in the race.

The sand is quite tricky. There were dangerous places. A lot of steep dunes where it was possible to jump with the consequences. We therefore felt that it is better to be safe and pass the stage without risking in vain.”

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