Who will fight Sergey Karjakin at the “Dakar-2018”?

C кем предстоит бороться Сергею Карякину на «Дакаре-2018»?

On “Dakar-2018” Sergey Karjakin will defend the title of the current winner in the category of ATVs. Official site of the famous marathon presented those who have to fight the Russian racer on the tracks and roads of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

During the years of the “Dakar” in Africa at the start usually there was a few number of athletes on Quad bikes. But moving the competitions in South America the situation changed. For many Latin Americans, all year round racing on Quad bikes on the road in their native continent, this event became a major in the calendar.

In addition to the brothers Patronelli, who won two five victories, the local riders are 18 times on the podium since 2009.

In 2018, for a start in the category of ATVs will be 30 Latin Americans. Let none of the brothers Patronelli again is not in the race, but contenders among the participants from South America will be more than enough. First and foremost, of course, it should be noted Chilean Ignacio Casale. On last “Dakar” winner of 2014 managed to impose the fight to Sergey Karjakin and finished second, despite health problems. It is also worth noting the Argentinian Pablo Copetti (third in 2017) and forever young Jeremias Gonzales (second place in 2015). Bolivian fans will also be whom to support: “Dakar-2017” Walter Nosila won two stages, and the year before was on the podium, finishing third. Peru flag, which is returned to the route of the rally-RAID will be from Ignacio Flores, who won the first stage of “Dakar-2013”, and Alexis Hernandez (eighth in 2017).

Despite the dominance of the South Americans, three Europeans still managed to climb to the top step of the podium over the years, the category of ATVs is the pole Josef Machacek, Rafal Sonik and Russian Sergey Karjakin.

Machacek after a career break and not able to return to form, although at the time, could win five stages in a row. But sonic and Karjakin are among the top favorites.

The same task faces two French athletes: Simon Vits fought against Karjakin for winning in 2017, and even lead, but fell, while debutant Axel Guthrie finished fifth.

To intervene in the fight for high positions also can the Dutch: a former motorcyclist Bastian Nien-Twiller and Chris Cullen, last season become the world champion in cross-country in the category of ATVs.

“Of course, one of my main competitors – the Casale, which is an extreme year will go on the Quad, and then change on the buggy. So he will do everything very well prepared. He posts photos and videos from training, riding, jumping. It speaks to a serious approach, – said Sergei Karjakin. – Hernandez – is fast, and performance, in Peru, will add to his speed. So, of course, it is impossible to write off. Will also be quick to Bolivian rider. Will athlete from Argentina, who won at home all I could. This year there will be approximately six participants, previously won the “Dakar”. Real favorites about a dozen people. The fight will be hard and tense. Have to correctly build a strategy and not to chase times, and start to attack only when the situation stabiliziruemost”.

As in previous years, in the category of ATVs will be girls. Let Camellia Liparoti preferred class of ATVs, but the victory in the women’s standings will compete a native of Bolivia Sani Martinez and the Czech racer Olga Rachkova.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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