Sergey Karjakin: a big plus For me that the “Dakar” starts right away with the sand

Сергей Карякин: Для меня большой плюс, что «Дакар» сразу начинается с песков

In anticipation of “Dakar-2018” the reigning champion of the rally-RAID in the Quad class Sergey Karjakin told about the details of a sponsorship deal with UMMC, as well as details of preparation for the upcoming competition in South America.

Sergey, what tactics of conducting fight you stick on “Dakar-2018”?

Sergey Karjakin: We’re not looking for insane times at the start of the marathon. You need to pause after which we will be accelerated, because in the first days of the competition, many can break the technique.

It is interesting that ahead of “Dakar” people are interested in my ATV, watching. Previously, they only came and took pictures, and this year picked up the ruler and tape measure. This recognition of the model of the ATV built in Russia.

When you go to the “Dakar”?

S. K.: January 2, fly the whole team in Dakar, January 3, fly to Lima, then pick up equipment, pass all the necessary technical commissions and checks.

Unfortunately, the time to familiarize yourself with the stages, we did not have, as my budget does not allow it. Start from there, and we hope that we will succeed. Before that I had a good training in Dubai, where they rode on the Sands. This should help me.

In 2018, the “Dakar” begins immediately with sand. Do you think I can play if you have it on hand?

S. K.: I think that is a plus for me because I’m too [on the ground] and well ride on the sand on which we were training shortly before the start of “Dakar”.

Racers of KAMAZ said that undergo special training in the highlands. Did your training process in such conditions?

S. K.: This is a very important aspect of training, but, unfortunately, to live in the mountains quite expensive. I have tried to live in a special tent in the thin air, but this is completely different: some special effects I experienced. Last year I went to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and rose to a height. This year, unfortunately, it was not time, because there were a lot of organizational work. In addition, we found sponsors only at the last minute, which complicated the task.

UMMC will sponsor Sergey Karjakin at the “Dakar-2018”

You could not tell about details of a sponsorship deal with the team?

S. K.: of Course, a great contribution to the sponsorship deal has made the administration of the Sverdlovsk region. The contribution of the state here cannot be underestimated, for which I am eternally grateful. There were many difficulties, but most importantly, it all worked out.

What would you recommend to readers in anticipation of the holidays?

S. K.: I would Like to wish good luck always turned to face You. Let fate sends You nice gifts in the new year.

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