The team “KAMAZ-Master” headed “Dakar-2018”

Команда «КАМАЗ-Мастер» отправилась на «Дакар-2018»

12 Nov cars of the team “KAMAZ-Master” went all the way to the start of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”. This was preceded by the traditional parade of teams on the test track in Carluke. In order to carry out on rally “Dakar” and wish good luck to the members of the team arrived the General Director of JSC “KAMAZ” Sergey Kogogin, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Minister of sports and youth policy of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, and mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny nail Magdeev.

2018 year will be notable for the fact that the “Dakar” will celebrate its 40th anniversary, and the team “KAMAZ-Master” will celebrate 30 years since its inception.

The team “KAMAZ-Master” has announced the squad for rally “Dakar-2018”

“Accompany the team on the race. The next excitement and hope…. Still they are our hopes justified, how will the upcoming “Dakar” – the life will show, – said Sergey Kogoghin. – The team worked very hard during the year. I ignored the command, never leave, so you can see the emotional state of the riders. In a sport without emotion is impossible. Win when you’re prepared as much as possible and when they refer to their sense of elation. If not met and not eager to win – it will not.”

The team leader Vladimir Chagin presented the sports crews and team personnel. Tatarstan President told about the preparations for the rally demonstrated the components and assemblies of machines that were improved in preparation for the race. He has personally tested the first car Eduard Nikolaev, and then made a check in on the new team truck with 13-litre engine, was successfully proven during the “silk road-2017”.

Команда «КАМАЗ-Мастер» отправилась на «Дакар-2018»

“Every year you do a lot of innovations in the specifications of the cars, and it is always interesting to look at it, – shared his impressions Rustam Minnikhanov. – Each year the car becomes more dynamic and more manageable. A great deal, and I want to thank everyone for the great work.

What I wish for? Only good luck! Because all that is needed to win is already done – we have great cars, great specialists, great mechanics. But competition is competition, and I want to wish luck was on your side.”

The mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny nail Magdeev added: “For our country, for our Republic and for our city, “KAMAZ-Master” is a national pride and a national brand. We are good, good mood accompanied them on one of the most difficult and at the same time interesting race. I’m sure once again we will meet our children winners. We believe in our team!”

Immediately after the event, the crews headed to the French port of Le Havre, where the car will undergo initial technical inspection. On 24 November the European car of the race participants will be shipped on the ferry to send over the Atlantic, to January 6, to start from the capital of Peru, Lima is a 9,000-kilometer journey to the Argentine Cordoba.

Команда «КАМАЗ-Мастер» отправилась на «Дакар-2018»

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