Xavier Gavory: Vladimir Chagin – the charismatic Russian pilot in the history of “Dakar”

Ксавье Гавори: Владимир Чагин – самый харизматичный российский пилот в истории «Дакара»

Launched yesterday, the international forum Russian Motorsport Forum I asked the head of Department on work with participants of the Dakar Xavier Gavory about his goals at the event in Moscow, surprises on the route of the prestigious rally-RAID and much more.

For the General question: what is your purpose on Russian Motorsport Forum?

We haven’t been to Russia: this is our first visit since 2011, when the rally “silk way” last time I was part of a Series “Dakar”. Every year we thought about returning to Russia, but never came suitable opportunity for this.

In the “Dakar” is attended by racers from 60 countries. Russia has a huge historical heritage in these competitions. Thus, we believe that Russian athletes should receive more information about the upcoming “Dakar”. That’s why we’re here.

How important for the “Dakar” partners and sponsors of the Russian teams that come with them in the sport?

Of course athletes it is important to work with the sponsors to have the opportunity to compete on the Dakar. Speaking directly to us, we have no direct relations with Gazprom or other Russian companies that support our athletes. But what is good for competition, good for us.

Who would you say is the most famous and charismatic Russian rider who took part in the “Dakar”?

The charismatic Russian pilot, I would call Vladimir Chagin. Vladimir became seven-time winner of the Dakar, and now he is the Manager of the team “KAMAZ-Master”, won the race 13 times out of 16 attempts, which took 29 podium positions from a possible 48. That’s why Chagin is the most charismatic and famous Russian pilot of the “Dakar”. But he is not alone. Now in Russia there are other strong riders like Sergey Karjakin.

Have you had any surprises on the route of “Dakar-2018” for the participants of the rally-RAID?

The biggest surprise will be the return of Peru to the competition map. The route of the rally-RAID was laid through the territory of Peru in 2012 and 2013, but we are already five years did not come to this country. All participants welcome the fact that in 2018 we come back here. Surprises will be the sand dunes that we will prepare for participants in Peru. But difficult the route will be also in Bolivia and Argentina. In addition, we want to conduct an information chain between the “Dakar” of yesteryear with modern “Dakar” through television programs, social networking. I’m sure it’ll be a special edition of the legendary race.

What the organizers of “Dakar” are trying to achieve using social media?

Without a doubt, television shows still occupy a huge niche in the broadcast of the Dakar, but social networks give us the opportunity to spread the sport among a new young audience. In social networks, we will publish short videos, entertaining photos. In addition, it will allow to tell about the unusual adventures that happened in the race, to show the spectators on the stages. In social networks, we will be able to show people what they can’t see on TV.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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