The team “KAMAZ-Master” has announced the squad for rally “Dakar-2018”

Команда «КАМАЗ-Мастер» огласила состав на ралли «Дакар-2018»

October 11 at a press conference in Naberezhnye Chelny the head of the team “KAMAZ-Master” Vladimir Chagin announced the composition of the crews who will go to the rally “Dakar-2018”.

At the press conference we also learned that proved to be successful during the “silk road” a new truck with a 13 liter engine will participate in the South American rally.

Official representatives of the rally-RAID “Dakar” will come to Moscow

As before, the “KAMAZ-Master” will present at four race sports cars. In the “Dakar” will not take part the crew of Andrey Karginov, ongoing course of recovery after injury. Karginov is a recognized master of passing the sandy special stages, and the assurances of the organizers of the race seven stages will be completely dune.

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“I am pleased that for the first time in many years we will be able to celebrate the New year at home, because “Dakar-2018” starts January 6, said Chagin. But the upcoming race special. First, the “Dakar” will be the fortieth in a row, and the second in the following year, the team “KAMAZ-Master” celebrates its 30th anniversary. This imposes additional responsibility on us. We must fight for victory.”

Команда «КАМАЗ-Мастер» огласила состав на ралли «Дакар-2018»

The winner of the rally “Dakar-2017” Eduard Nikolaev added: “I am Confident that the 40th edition of the rally, we will have an interesting route. Especially interesting is the Peruvian part of it, where it traditionally has a very interesting sand, large dunes”.

The winner of the rally “silk road-2017” Dmitry Sotnikov, said: “our crew with the serious task of testing a number of technical innovations applied in our sport truck. In the race program from the very beginning of the heat and dunes of Peru and then the highlands of Bolivia. It will be hard for both machines and people.”

The first video about “Dakar-2018”: Exploration of a route to Peru

The crews of “KAMAZ-Master” on rally “Dakar-2018”:

Pilot Eduard Nikolaev, Navigator Evgeny Yakovlev; mechanic V. Rybakov.
The pilot, A. Mardeev, Navigator A. Belyaev; mechanic D. Svistunov.
The pilot, D. Sotnikov; Navigator R. Akhmadeev; mechanic I. Mustafin.
The pilot, A. Shibalov, Navigator of D. Nikitin; mechanic I. Novels.

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