The Russians are not lucky in the final of the world raids

Россиянам не повезло на финале мировых рейдов

Baja Portalegre 500 ended the season of the FIA world Cup for rally-raids. At the start of the final stage came more than four hundred participants, a hundred of which started on SUVs.

The Russian delegation in Portugal was highly representative in the list of participants was listed three crews of Suprotec Racing. The team that last season won the team standings of the championship of Russia on rally and whose drivers took titles in the championship and the Cup of the country, has decided to end 2017 by participation in the world series. However, fortune has been merciless to the Russians.

Before the start of the race from the start was forced to abandon the crew of Andrey Rudskoy and Evgeniy Zagorodnyuk. The reason was the illness of the pilot.

Then destiny caught up with Boris Gadasin – the improper or legends provided by the organizers, in one of the turns from St. Petersburg went off the road and lost so much time that the result was only 16-m. Moreover, Gadasin was not the only driver who had problems in this calamitous turn of…

Another representative Suprotec Racing Andrey Novikov drove a prologue, especially not at the risk, and showed the ninth time.

The main stages of the Baja Portalegre 500 – there were three – was also marked by various difficulties.

On SS2, the participants faced the problem in the form of dust – screen- after each crew in the air remains dust, and the visibility for each of the next crew was getting worse and worse.

However, even in such circumstances, Novikov and Gadasin has improved its position – Andrew rose to fourth, and Boris is on the 12th place.

A stage later, the brothers Novikov dropped out of the race – repeated incident that happened to them earlier at the Italian Baja. At high speed G-Force BARS crashed into a barrier, the impact broke the hub right rear wheel, it came off, and the driverless car off the road. Flying about a hundred meters, the car stopped outside the road. About the repair in the field it could not go, and the crew designed the gathering.

Россиянам не повезло на финале мировых рейдов

The crew Gadasin / Memel remained in the race only on stage longer at the conclusion of the SU due to a broken brake hoses car of St. Petersburg was left without brakes. Boris and Dan left the road, drove onto the tarmac and went into the service.

It’s a shame, because at that time they already played the gap and came in third position overall!

In the end, the best Portuguese Baja was the defending national champion Ricardo Smack. The final podium has made him a Mini pilot Guilherme Spinelli and Boris Garafulic.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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