Plain and simple. How does the new pricing policy of “Dakar-2018”

Просто и ясно. Как выглядит новая ценовая политика «Дакара-2018»

The organizers of the famous “Dakar” in the eve of the 40 anniversary of the marathon had discussed the pricing policy participate in the race and came to the conclusion that to reduce the size of the registration fee is impossible. Any change will lead to higher costs of holding competitions as the Dakar is famous for the highest safety requirements. But ASO, the company organizing the Dakar rally, found out – this season introduces a number of organizational changes.

decided to sort out the details.

So, the amount of the registration fee remained at the same level, but the new pricing policy intended to reduce the costs of participation. Here is a short list of innovations for the participants.

Simply and clearly

From now on, there is no separate tariff per vehicle and each crew member. Introduced a single registration fee for the vehicle and crew.

Promoting experience and loyalty

Просто и ясно. Как выглядит новая ценовая политика «Дакара-2018»

Introduced a progressive scale of rates, consisting of three categories: “Standard”, involving in the basic fee; “Experienced” for participants with experience from 2 to 9 years and “Legend” for participants with experience of over 10 years.

The number of participations is added when speaking of an athlete in any category. If, for example, the athlete five times went to the start in the motorcycle category and five times in the category of SUVs, it is set to “Legend”status.

Any registration fee is payable at the basic rate, and all benefits are settled after the deadline for filing and checking the status of the racer team work with the participants.

Просто и ясно. Как выглядит новая ценовая политика «Дакара-2018»

The program of patronage

Experienced athletes can share the experience with those who just want to take the first steps on the “Dakar”. To this end, the organizers of the legendary marathon introduced a Program to encourage patronage. Any driver can support the beginner. Each party patronage in addition to sharing experience and increase the chances to finish in rally-RAID, gets a benefit when making the entry fee in the amount, which for 2018 is defined in the 2000 euros for each side.

Racer can take care of two debutants, while the newcomer can have only one mentor.

The Dakar is a challenge for those who dare, the dream for those who remained,” reads the famous motto of the founder of the competition, Thierry Sabine.

The purpose of the listed innovations to reduce the costs for equipment, fuel, human and technical resources, while avoiding impact on the amount of the entry fee.

Recall that the fortieth anniversary of Dakar” starts in the capital of Peru Lima on 6 January 2017.

Просто и ясно. Как выглядит новая ценовая политика «Дакара-2018»

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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