Silk Road: XI’an met the winners of the rally-RAID 2017

«Шелковый Путь»: Сиань встречает победителей ралли-рейда 2017 года

International rally-RAID “silk road”-2017 finished in XI’an. The ceremony was the culmination of two weeks of intense struggle on flooded monsoon roads of Russia, the vast steppes of Kazakhstan and the hot deserts of China. The strongest in the standings SUVs for the second time in a row became Cyril despres and David Custer on the Peugeot, and truck class his second win on the “Silk road” celebrated the driver of the “KAMAZ-Master” Dmitry Sotnikov, on the same crew with which has overcome a marathon Navigator Ruslan Akhmadeev and the mechanic Ilnur Mustafin.

The ceremony of the finish of the rally began with the speech of the Deputy Minister of Main State administration for physical culture and sport of China Gao Jidana, then the athletes were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of sport of the Russian Federation Kosilov, Sergey Vasilyevich. At the end of the official part came to the podium project Manager of the International rally “silk road” Vladimir Chagin and his Deputy Frederick Lekien, and only then began the highlight of the evening: solemn passage of each of the crews has overcome the route length of 9 599 kilometers.

“This year the rally “silk way” has once again become a Grand international occasion, which was watched by millions of people around the world, as well as Russian, Kazakh and Chinese fans that greeted us wherever we went, said Chagin. – This year for the participants of the race was even more difficult: the rain pursued us from Moscow, was an additional challenge. But we are glad that all participants honor this call is received and answered with all the courage inherent in real athletes. I would like to thank everyone who participated in this rally, and the team of organizers of rally “the silk way” – it was a real race and an unforgettable adventure!”

«Шелковый Путь»: Сиань встречает победителей ралли-рейда 2017 года

The main heroes of the ceremony were the winners of the race: the applause of the audience award for third place in the category SUV was one of the most renowned Chinese pilots Han Wei, second place in the race won by the experienced French rider Christian Lava, which this year became the leader of the factory team Baicmotor Racing Team, and the loudest ovations was awarded to Cyril despres, the two – time winner of rally “silk way”.

Cyril despres: I first celebrated the victory on the night and in the pouring rain

In the category of trucks all the prize podium was occupied by the crews of “KAMAZ-Master”: after Dmitry Sotnikov in the second position is located Anton Shibalov, while the third was Ayrat Mardeev.

Dmitry Sotnikov: to be honest, no strength left for emotions, even if you don’t like racing

A landslide victory of the Naberezhnye Chelny team said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in his congratulatory message also noted the high level of work of the organizers.

“Dear friends! Heartily congratulate you on your triumphant performance at the International rally “silk road-2017”. You have once again demonstrated the character of a champion and rightfully took the whole podium. Its success confirmed the outstanding domestic cars “KAMAZ”. I particularly note the excellent work of the organizers. Sure, such wonderful projects contribute to the development of international humanitarian cooperation, strengthening of friendship and understanding between people. I wish you new achievements and great victories,” – said in a statement published on the official website of the President of Russia.

«Шелковый Путь»: Сиань встречает победителей ралли-рейда 2017 года

The winner of the category T1.1 was the crew of Christian Lawley and Jean-Pierre Garsene car team Baicmotor. In the class T1.2 the strongest was Bryce Menzies and Peter Mortensen of the X-Raid MINI, while in the standings T1.3 the triumph of the celebrated Han Wei and Ming Liao, past marathon buggy Geely SMG. The winners of the race in the standings SUVs Cyril despres and David Custer has also received awards for first place in the category T1.4.

«Шелковый Путь»: Сиань встречает победителей ралли-рейда 2017 года

In the class T2.1 first place was won by Kirill Chernenkov Alexey mun on Nissan Patrol. First position in class T3.3 took the crew of the Mao Rouzina and Rafael Tornabell Cordoba buggies Polaris in T3.4 the strongest of all by Maria Oparina and Taisia Staneva from Suprotec team Racing, which also holds first place in the women’s standings. In the Open category of the strongest steel Sergey Shalygin and Artyom Kanivets on the Toyota Land Cruiser..

«Шелковый Путь»: Сиань встречает победителей ралли-рейда 2017 года

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