Silk road: rest Day in Urumqi

«Шелковый путь»: День отдыха в Урумчи

After the eighth stage of the rally-RAID “silk road-2017” hundreds of race cars and service vehicles remained at the bivouac of Urumqi – it is planned rest day. Almost a week and a half racers and navigators broke to China on the road, through torrential rains and scorching heat. And then, finally, they were given a rare opportunity to relax.

But for mechanics is one of the busiest days of the race, in which I want to loop through all the cars, troubleshoot and prepare for possible problems in the future, because the decisive stages of the race and the hot Sands of the Gobi. Large caliber teams Peugeot Sport has enough resources to literally to death to touch every car.

«Шелковый путь»: День отдыха в Урумчи

“We also dismantled the machine, if not to death, then to the main units. Replaced everything that needed replaced, and now having a rest and accumulate forces,” – said the representative of team Racing Suprotec Maria Oparina.

Rare moments of rest pilots and navigators has come to an end, soon the crews will travel to the Gobi desert. To the finish line in XI’an caravan have to go through six stages, the total distance of which will be four thousand kilometers. The most intense and exciting part of the route will be sand, which from the start was looking forward to all of the participants.

«Шелковый путь»: День отдыха в Урумчи

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