Racers “KAMAZ-Master”: Standing, helped crews Peugeot

Гонщики «КАМАЗ-Мастер»: Стояли, помогали экипажам Peugeot

The fourth stage of the rally-RAID “silk road-2017” was held for the team “KAMAZ-Master” under the sign of aid to Peugeot Sport drivers of the category of SUVs.

Ayrat Mardeev’s crew helped overturned Stefan Peterhansel, providing spare parts to repair the car, and Dmitry Sotnikov pulled despres out of the swamp.

“Silk Road” stage 4: Peterhansel flipped his buggy, despres drove into the swamp, and the truck van den brink almost burned

“Peterhansel again disintegrated, so we stood with them and helped – told Mardeev, in the end, showed the fifth result, the Stage was very slippery, dangerous. There were a lot of great places to get out. So I was driving carefully, especially not risked, because ten days ahead of the need to keep the car. Our main task was to drive steadily. Now we are behind on 19 minutes from the leader, so we will try to win”.

The centurions finished the day in seventh place, while the best representatives of “KAMAZ-Master” Eduard Nikolaev finished fourth.

Гонщики «КАМАЗ-Мастер»: Стояли, помогали экипажам Peugeot

“During the day everything is constantly changing, all the time something was happening. There was a time when we thought it was playable again, but the situation has changed and in the end managed to win a little, – said Sotnikov. – Peterhansel needed help, and we lost five to seven minutes, helping him. Then we safely evacuated despres, whose car flew off the track into the river. Lost another five minutes.

In the second section, I caught up with Ardavichus, he caught me, went together very well, chased each other. We changed positions and crossed the trajectory – it has such a crazy plot. We are a meter apart drove, it was very slippery, I imagined that if something happens, then we’re both somewhere we can fly. In the end, we caught up with Ayrat Mardeev, he saw us, too, and upped the tempo, and Tone van Genugten. We finished for each other. We had almost contact fight, began to each other to cut, but without a signal, it was the circular drive. Nobody called Sentinel. We drove the three of us, and it gave such a spark! When are you going alone is boring, and when you see someone else, such a passion, each other adjust. And in the end even managed a little play, I’m happy.”

After the four stages in the truck category leader Martin Kolomý, ahead on 11 minutes the double Dakar winner Gerard de Rooy, whose car broke down already on the liaison in Astana.

The best of KAMAZ Anton Shibalov in the General classification ranks fourth.

Гонщики «КАМАЗ-Мастер»: Стояли, помогали экипажам Peugeot

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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