Dmitry Sotnikov: the goal wasn’t to catch up to Coloma in any way

Дмитрий Сотников: Не было задачи догнать Коломы любым способом

The leader in the category of trucks Dmitry Sotnikov commented on the performance on the 11th stage of the rally-RAID “silk road”.

The driver of the “KAMAZ-Master” showed the third time, losing to teammate Anton Shibalov and Czech Martin Kolomý of the Tatra car.

“Frankly, we did not expect such a weather – tuned to the heat and it’s wet. Last year too was one such day – went on a wet dune – quotes Sotnikova, the press service of the “silk road”. Today I tried to go fast, it was felt that the results of dense. Saw Coloma, he tried to get in front of, but felt that he was going “all the money”. Tasks to catch up in whatever was not was, somewhere up, somewhere behind. As for the truck, then everything is fine, during the race, didn’t notice big problems”.

Дмитрий Сотников: Не было задачи догнать Коломы любым способом

Shibalov added: “Typical “Kazakhstan” the stage turned out. We think Coloma is broke, he runs the risk of these winding segments. Off road it rides very well. Tomorrow he will be first off, let first comes in sand, and we will attack him.”

Crews of Ayrat Mardeev and Eduard Nikolaev rounded out the top five at the end of the day.

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