Vladimir Chagin: We will watch an interesting sports season

Владимир Чагин: Нас ожидает интереснейший спортивный сезон

Schedule of Vladimir Chagin, head of the team “KAMAZ-Master” and project Manager of the International rally “silk way”, is very stressful. Nevertheless, he found time to answer the questions of fans of the rally-RAID discipline, concerning the next sports plans.

Vladimir G. what new starts preparing the team “KAMAZ-Master”?
Vladimir Chagin: We will watch an interesting sports season. Currently in full swing preparing the team “KAMAZ-Master” to the main race of the summer rally-RAID “silk road”, which starts on July 7 on the red square. Soon we will announce the number and composition of the crews on this race. In the shop hard at work. With the beginning of the year, when the team came to the “Dakar”, was planned a large programme of change and modification of machinery. It happens every year, all good teams, aspiring to be on the podium. Also a lot of work in this regard is underway and the team “KAMAZ-Master”.

Владимир Чагин: Нас ожидает интереснейший спортивный сезон

What technical innovations will be tested?
Vladimir Chagin: One of the novelties is a new car with an engine capacity of 13 liters, in-line, six-cylinder. This engine on a hoodless car we had not set this is our first experience. This is done in order to comply with the regulations, which will operate at the “Dakar” in 2018. This work, we have already two years underway, and we approach its end. The installation of this engine resulted in large changes in car design, and in appearance.

You will see the cab is a little higher, moved forward. Change, of course, and ride quality of the car. Not only the position of the motor and the cab in the new car, the designers of our team in the head any ideas on those implemented today, the ones on the shelf are for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… And in this machine, all these ideas which we have accumulated, realized. Test pilot this car will be Dmitry Sotnikov. The Navigator of his crew, Ruslan Akhmadeev, both the engineer section of the training engine is his profile. And for these reasons, this crew was transferred to the car for testing.

What are your first impressions of the car?
Vladimir Chagin: On driving characteristics of a vehicle it is difficult to say, it does just the first steps. The car has lots of options. It’s like buying in the store, piano or guitar: the instrument is beautiful but still does not sound, it takes a long time to set up and get a real tune. It’s the same car. Many settings of the engine, suspension that need to twist to set the machine to when the flight landed like a cat, didn’t bounce, didn’t jump back to “licking” way. And such settings in the car very much. The finale came the work on the design, fabrication, now began a period of testing, while the experience is very good and the pilot and crew. But to share them all the same after some time. The best result of the tests is the position in the table of the competition. Let’s hope our new car will appreciate in the near future the team and our fans.

When the fans will see this car?
Vladimir Chagin: We are sent for training to Astrakhan, and then the team will take part in the championship of Russia in Volgograd. However, Bach “Volgograd” this machine is not claimed here will involve two cars, Ayrat Mardeev and Anton Shibalov.

Will continue work on the draft hood of the truck?
Vladimir Chagin: Of Course. We have made very large changes to the car, perekomponovkoy the back of the machine, installed a new motor. The same – row “six”, which will stand in beskapotniki. Let me remind you that last year we used a rented motor Caterpillar team Buggyra, now we got it back. He helped us a lot during the development phase of Kapotnya. The machine is very interesting, good ride quality shows. It is no coincidence that many teams capoten trucks more and more use. Kapatnik have with Renault, Iveco, Tatra and Scania. To this stream joins and “KAMAZ”. We use the cabin of the Mercedes Zetros.

Владимир Чагин: Нас ожидает интереснейший спортивный сезон

Who will be the main rivals of the team of the rally “silk road-2017”?
Vladimir Chagin: this year on the “Silk road” is expected to be very strong team in the truck category. All the leading teams showed up to participate, this is a Iveco, Renault, Tatra, “MAZ-Sportavto” also, well done guys, Belarusians, every year more progress, better results show. Category “Automobiles” are not less solid: leading teams and pilots, Toyota, BMW, MINI and Peugeot will also take part. Spectators, fans will be treated to an interesting fight, experiences, joys, and everything connected with it.

What are the goals of the team “KAMAZ-Master”?
Vladimir Chagin: rally “the silk way” the team “KAMAZ-Master” is a clear goal. Now on the podium in XI’an. The guys are preparing for it. All this will do, will make every effort. Supervisor leaving team on rally “the silk way” will Sergey Savostin. He last year led the team that has not once left the head in the “Africa Eco race”, successfully shows himself in this role. Sergey has a lot of experience, he eight-time champion of “Dakar” and many other international competitions. We with Sergey for many years went in one crew. Knows the car, the team, and therefore this work is familiar to him, and he with her high quality, good job. I, like last year, will lead the project “silk road” as a whole, and Sergei team. We have since 2009, the principle remains the same: the route information, all the details of the rally “silk way” the team “KAMAZ-Master” knows no more than all the other participants. I know other members, you know, and the team “KAMAZ-Master”, everything else is kept in strict confidentiality and keeping the principles and ideology of the rally-raids.

You are the head of the project “silk road”. What’s new store this year for fans and participants of the transcontinental rally?
Vladimir Chagin: At the recent presentation of the rally route “silk road” in Moscow, it took place on 17 may, which was attended by pilots and managers of leading teams, was announced the route of the race. This year we changed part of the Russian, Kazakhstani, and Chinese, in order to diversify the geography of the rally route that was in the way of new regions to the inhabitants of these regions have seen firsthand this race, this powerful technique. We also set the goal to make as many tracks to race are not repeated, 76% of the rally route 2017 is a new track. The drivers and teams look forward to new interesting discoveries.

Now training for the race entered the final stage of preparation. Everyone is waiting for the start at red square on Friday 7 July. Everyone on this day we invite you to Red square, to escort the participants in a long way to the East, along the Ancient silk road. The finish of this year in XI’an, is the ancient historical city of China, capital of 13 dynasties of emperors of China. There is the famous Terracotta army of XI’an in ancient times the Great silk road to the West. After many centuries of a powerful modern technique will repeat the route, which was paved by our ancestors.

Владимир Чагин: Нас ожидает интереснейший спортивный сезон

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