Baja “Russia – Northern Forest”: Story about how the Russian crews remained without medals

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей

The Russian stage of the FIA world Cup for rally-raids ended not so, as was predicted by experts in this racing discipline. On the highest step of the podium of the world series went up the pole Aron Domzale. In the classification stage of the championship of Russia was the first Finn Yuni Ampuja. And where are the Russians?

Them this time, desperately unlucky. Each of the Russian teams that qualified for the highest places, faced different kinds of problems. The story about them is a story of several chapters – so many difficulties gathered by our countrymen…

Suprotec Racing – what is “no luck” and how to deal with it

Most of the trouble fell on the heads of crews for the team from five cars to finish the race got only two, but after the race one of the crews was eliminated from the world Cup – the first position!

It all began even before the start. Before the start of the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” the leaders of the team Boris Gadasin and Andrey rudskoy understand that the international competition they are likely to exclude. The fact that in accordance with the changed in the offseason, the technical requirements in 2017 cars offset T1 must be equipped with pads on the rollcage and new fire suppression systems.

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Boris Gadasin and Dan Semel. Photo: Dmitry Galchun

According to the team, they all ordered it for his three crews, which were announced at the “Northern Forest” in the world Cup, but the load order that was to arrive from Finland to Russia, was detained by the customs due to the fact that the gas used in the fire extinguishing system is dangerous…

The team urgently found pads for one car – they installed it on the car brothers Novikovs, for which participation in the initial stage of the world Cup was critical. But Gadasin and automatically rudskoy were not included in the standings of the world series. But this was only the beginning…

Before the start without a car left the Roman Brickendon. On his car froze the breather tube of the engine, the crankshaft seal was squeezed out and the oil gets on the clutch. To revive the G-Force is designated before the start of the Baja time was impossible, and the crew issued a technical gathering.

The prologue of the remaining four crew Suprotec Racing held in a great pace. Rudskoy and Gadasin took the lead in the standings of the championship of Russia, Novikov became the second in the world Cup, and speaking at the “Cornfield” Alexander Potapov came in second place in the competition “RAID-Sport” (Czech Republic).

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Alexander Potapov and Alexey Kuzmich. Photo: Anton Rodionov
But the next day…

Already at the fifth kilometer special stage As the car turned over. The car took the wheel, but lost the right door. The crew continued the movement on the highway, but do it at a temperature of -13 degrees was not very comfortable.

Brothers Novikov went off the road into the woods for 18 miles to the finish of the day, mowed a few trees hanging on to the parapet. Got out and ended up passing stage, at the end of the day a foothold in the third position in the standings of the world Cup.

G-Force team leader Boris Gadasin was left without oil – cracked one of the fittings for the oil feed to the engine. He held on to finish the stage but on the final day of competition on the track did not appear, having the gathering.

And finally, after ten kilometers after the start of the day did fall over the engine the “Fields” of the crew Potapov / Kuzmich. Alexander and Alex stayed three times and reset my computer, after which the engine stalled and refused to start…

At the start of the last day of the once numerous team Suprotec Racing was represented by only two crew – brothers Novikovs and Duo rudskoy / zagorodniuk. But if the latter is not already claimed the rewards, their teammates took the third place in standings of the world Cup!

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Andrey Novikov and Vladimir Novikov. Photo: Anton Rodionov

Then came the very long and fast straight, narrow – in one grader. And there, to go faster you needed was a good tuning machines.

“We went and enjoyed it, then I saw on the road a large sharp stone, dusted with snow, and further is Toyota Domzale and crew change a tire. Then we went for the second – said after the finish Andrey Novikov. – And another ten miles at high speed in the right turn saw Vasiliev on the roof.

Tried to put them on wheels, but flip did not work. At least we could move them on the roof and to liberate the territory of the road.”

So the brothers Novikov came in first place and according to preliminary results won the first stage of the world Cup for rally-raids. But at the final inspection technical delegate the FIA found excess suspension stroke – play on the right side of the car was after hitting the stone.

The arguments of the representatives of the team that the suspension travel was measured before the start and met the requirements of the regulation, and the proposal to measure the suspension travel on the left side of the machine had no effect – the technical commissioners were adamant and expelled Andrey Novikov from the results of the world Cup.

Russian technical commissioners conducted measurements of the suspension moves and on the other side of the car, getting results that are consistent with the requirements of the regulations. This allowed Novikov to retain your silver in the overall classification of the stage of the national championship. Andrey rudskoy took the sixth place in the overall standings of the stage of the Russian championship.

Vladimir Vasiliev – a half-step to victory

The Russians once again did not submit to the “Northern Forest”. His first and only victory here Vladimir Vasilyev won in 2013 – then the race was not included in the world Cup calendar. And after its inclusion in the world series crew Vasilyev / Zhiltsov can not climb to the highest step of the podium.

Prologue St. Petersburg ended with the sixth time. The next day he became the leader of the race has not even stopped to turn and stop in the snow, which led to problems with the clutch. The real problems began in the middle of the final stage…

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Car by Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Zhiltsov after the coup. Photo: Anton Rodionov

“Over 50 kilometers from the finish in the road book the organisers have indicated the position of “the pit 3” and there we broke the steering rack, – told the co-driver Konstantin Zhiltsov. Although strike-no was not special, it just somehow happened.

Well, we went, a sort of vibration on the steering wheel, and just a 500-meter wheel turned out, we were delayed on the parapet – we rested on the roof.”

This is about the fight for the prize crew had forgotten – too much time spent on it to put the BMW X3 back on the wheel.

“All things being equal…”

This phrase often say the rally-raids. And really the most difficult route of the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” this year was not only merciless to the Russians.

Marcin Lukaszewski could not start your car before the start of the second stage. Even more insulting the descent designed last year’s winner Tapio Lauronen – he completed the penultimate day leader, but because of problems with the gearbox not able to start on the final day of the race.

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Tapio Lauronen and Tony Lauronen. Photo: Anton Rodionov

Went off the road Qatari Abdulla Adel Hussein, Latvian Aldis Vilcans and Frenchman Jean-Paul van Bohemen the only speakers on the buggy racer.

The results

The poles of the Aron Domzale Simon Gospodarczyk took first place in the standings of the world Cup for rally-raids. The Czech Miroslav Zapletal and Slovak Marek Sikora finished second. Russians Victor Horoshavtsev and Anton Nikolaev took “bronze”. Russian Alexey Titov became the best in competition T2.

Victory on the stage of the Russian championship was won by the Finn Yuni Ampuja. All the same Alexey Titov won the “gold” in the T2 standings of the Russian championship.

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Yuni Ampuja and Markku Hurskaynen. Photo: Anton Rodionov

“It’s great to come here, confessed Ampuja. – I have experience here, so I knew what to expect from the race. The weekend for us was excellent. I drove fast, but not much risk. Looked at the opponents cars in the ditch and tried to be careful to reach the finish line”.

In the competition “RAID-Sport” double victory scored by the team’s GAS RAID Sport – the victory was won by Mikhail Kostyukov, second place went to the only channel pilot Tatiana Eliseeva.

Баха "Россия - Северный Лес": История о том, как российские экипажи остались без медалей
Tatiana Eliseev and Aleksandr Semenov. Photo: Dmitry Galchun

“This is my favorite race in all the championship of Russia! And anyway, I love the winter, – tells Tatyana. – You enjoy it, and the race itself is very beautiful. There are a lot of small things that make the race warm and sincere”.

This has turned into the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” in 2017. It is hoped that next year the luck will be more favorable to those for whom this race is a home…

Alexey Sergeev, specially for Autosportlive

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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